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Old 4th December 2011
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It is December and if there is a LogicX ever to be released it will not be released now till 2012. Apple was a small company when they bought this pro app. I heard they only bought it for the search engine, which they quickly put into the top right hand corner of just about ever app. Apple is so massive now. If pro apps was 15% of Apples business a few years ago, now it would be lucky to be .01% (I'm totally making up these figures BTW).

I'm really struggling to even turn on my protools that I had to buy because my Logic8 did not work on my new iMac. I'm just so use to Logic. It has been the only DAW I have ever used. I'd love a new logic that will work on my new iMac but unless I get Logic9 (a product that is over two years old!) I'm becoming increasing doubtful by the day that there will ever be a LogicX.