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I did 75% of my project on AKG 414. The mic other was a neuman. I did hear some differences in the headphones between the two but in general once the music kicked in and its mixed, there wasn't a night and day difference to me.

The preamp used was the Blue Robbie & UA 1176 and ADL600.

Im sure there are better combo's and depending on the engineer you could get better results using that exact same combo. But in general I dont have a problem with the 414, as Ive done most of my work past and present with one. And on the same token I am not converted fanboy of Neuman. I saw more character with it, but not some mind blowing change.

Here is a sample so you can get an idea of what the outcome was.

iTunes - Music - Contradiction by Dre the Fifth
Sounds nice man, vocal sound kinda reminds me of Jeru the damaja nice n thick but up front too ,

Which rev of the 414 did you use ?

btw cover looks dope !