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Please correct/edit any info. here that is wrong or misleading. These are the conclusions of my research.

Rule of thumb here seems to be:

For Broadband traps: Roxul 60 (6 lb boards, 4.5 lb really) is great. 3=4". Roxul 80 (8 lb) may be better. Stiffer. A little denser. Always use an airgap up to the width of your panel to increase effectiveness.

For Bass Traps: Roxul 80 (8 lb - 5.8 lb really) is great. 4-6". Use an airgap. Consider adding a Kraft paper membrane (for potentially deeper bass response, and reflecting back to the room some of the highs. This is the theory).

For BIG Bass Traps: (i.e. significant corner trapping)-- Use LESS DENSE material, i.e. Roxul 40 or Safe N Sound. 17" corner superchunks (24" facing) or 12" soffets -- or larger. Fully pack -- leave no airspace. The air already moves through the less dense material.
A great post Craig. Thanks.

For up to 3" thick of material, use 6 lb/ft³
3-4" thick use 4 lb/ft³
3.5-10.5" thick use ~2.5 lb/ft³ (Safe n Sound) The hticknesses coincide with Safe n Sound thicknesses.

Have fun!