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are Adam A5Xs better than Alesis m1 active mk2s??

Hi guys, i currently have a pair of Alesis which i only use for listening to music as i don't mix, i have both ports plugged to keep the bass in check, they sound pretty good for the price.

However i have the opportunity to get a new pair of Adam A5Xs at a very good price, i'm pretty sure the Adams will be better, but i'm worried they might lack bass in comparison, i don't think i could afford the A7Xs.

Will the A5Xs be a match for the Alesis basswise? And do you knowledgable folks think they would be a worthwhile upgrade? I can look at any other monitors at around the price of the A5Xs, though i don't like metal tweeters. My room is 4.5 x 4.5 sq.

Thanks in advance for your help