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These days, whatever shoes I have on my feet when I sit down at the kit.

I once used to Think About Shoes in relation to the pedals, and experiment with different shoes - generally the lighter the better and usually looking for very smooth 'slippery' soles.

I even considered buying this brand of 'drumming shoes' I saw advertised in Modern Drummer Magazine, which were super light - similar to Table Tennis shoes - i.e. just about "rubber socks".

Then one day I went to see Tony Williams perform. Up until that show I had only heard him on records, and I had assumed he played double-kick.

But no, he did everything on the record (and MORE!) with one bass drum. The whole time, he was wearing lace-up paratrooper boots. Not only big and heavy with grippy soles, but obviously rigid with less flexibility in the ankles than anything on the market. But his kick was AMAZING!

That left me dazed and confused on the "Performance Shoes" front. I guess I ultimately decided that shoes don't count for much unless you are walking in them.