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Weathervane Multitracks - Sweet Lights

Hi folks,

New Shaking Through. This time it's a band called Sweet Lights, and the extra double secret curator was .... (drum roll) ..... ME! Weathervane and WXPN are committed to featuring 3 Philadelphia artists per year, and since I haven't helped pick since January 2010 (ehem.... Sharon Van Etten), our gracious selection committee asked me to give it another whack! Sweet Lights is the work of one very brilliant songwriter, performer and artist, Mr. Shai Halperin. The song we recorded is called "You Let Me Down".

The feature videos and MP3 don't officially come out til Tuesday August 16, but like June's Dreamers of the Ghetto episode, we are sharing the raw tracks BEFORE we put up OUR final mix and mix-stems. … So here it is again... go for it! Make your mixes uninfluenced by what we do. It worked great last time! (Again, I’ll update this thread with the final mix, mix stems and feature video links when we release them in ten days.) For now, check out this quick video excerpt of some Travelling Willburys-esque acoustic guitars.

Again, thanks to Telefunken, we all had the incredible experience of being able to choose from almost their whole line of microphones, as well as a D.W. Fearn VT2 and VT7. When it came to vocals and acoustic guitars we used U47 through the Fearn pre and compressor. Dear God, what an experience! And as always, thanks to Scott Wilson from Scratch Studio in NY for hosting the files again.... Scott, we expect you to say NO at some point! Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

Shaking Through: Sweet Lights - You Let Me Down


(NOTE: ALL TRACKS SHOULD BE EXACTLY THE SAME LENGTH. If a stray oddball makes it in there, please disregard! And Warning: These are VERY LARGE FILES)

Shai, Sweet Lights by wvmusic, on Flickr