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With the Premium ADA8000 Mod, we upgrade the analog stage I/O much like the standard mod. We also perform converter decoupling along with power filtering and noise reduction on the analog and digital rails. This Premium Modification provides a much richer sound with a wide clean soundstage and dramatically improved frequency response. This mod costs $450 plus return shipping.

Again, we offer the MicroClock at a discounted price with the Premium Mod as well. We strongly recommend getting the MicroClock.

This mod teamed with the MicroClock mkII will easily outperform an RME FF800, high end Apogee gear, and Lynx Aurora converters.

Call them, they are a awesome team!!!
I think the Analog mod is $250, and the premium mod is $450, but the ADA8000 has to be built after 2009 I believe...