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It's funny how people feel offended by the OP.
And start to defend their p.o.v. (+ hammering on 20+ other ITB points i.d never made)

Never said software sucks, only mentioned that software piggyback riding harware heroes, still doesn't deliver. Despite all ****ty marketing efforts.

Bit suprised to read all that frustration and people seeking reassurance, making sure that they explain extensively that they made "the right choice" (topic has never been on audio quality of VST's or DAWs in general) heh Then one guys is saying for the price of renting an API i can buy the plugins. That's the same as saying, for the price of renting a Ferrari,i can buy a year round busspass.....

Should have known this discussion wouldn't work as 99% of the guys responding here just lack the experience to deliver an informed contribution around the OP.
I think perhaps you are the person looking for reassurances...seeing as you started the thread and all