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Same old tired a$$ thing again?

Even hardware doesn't emulate original hardware very well...come on.

What is a new fender champ compared to an older model from the 70's?

How many hardware Neve clones are out there that admittedly are only emulations or approximations based on the original topology and/or design? Can anyone say "GAP Pre 73"? And does it sound so close to the preamp section of a Neve 1073? Not so much. And who cares really? It's a useful pre. Dig it or not, nobody really gives a ****e about some id10t's un-productive useless opinion.

Most hardware you buy today is advertised as being "based on" or "inspired by" the original design or architecture of antiquated gear...from microphones to preamp's, signal processor's, dynamics, EQ, etc.

Gimme a phreakin' break. The OP all get my point. Kinda pissin' up the wrong tree IMHO.

Hardware...Software...what difference does it make any more until you start spending serious cash $$$$ on high-end gear? After being a consumer of UAD products and cards, I found there are some fantastic free plugs that are just as rich in effect and sound as costly UAD kits.

As Britdick so eloquently put it, "Blah blah blah blah blah..."