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it's a sign of the times...

no one here has anything better to do, or work on i guess so we're stuck regurgitating the same old story about how plugins suck and outboard is better.

thanks for the update dude! you're only the millionth person to bring this topic up here...can we discuss something else???


Buy outboard and shut the **** up. If you can't afford it then do something else with your time and stop wasting mine.

This debate is beyond pathetic. I'm sure you're mixes suck anyway. Tchad Blake did a great job on the last Black Keys record ITB!!!

I too love the sound of all those old records done on tape/analog gear. Slowly but surely I'm building my setup to be of that nature, but in the mean time I do what I can and don't bitch about it constantly.

So many pussies on these threads...