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Harmless Wacko

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Yeah, I get it. That's why I'm checking out of this joke of a thread. You know more than Michael Brauer, so what's left to comment on.......

To be totally fair.

I humorously suggest you might wanna review your collection of Mix magazines from the mid 80's thru the late 90's and see a BEWILDERING array of "golden eared marquee guys" issuing rousing endorsements of all kinza audio products that, in the long game, turned out to be things now commonly regarded as absolutely TERRIBLE sounding technologies.

Like ADAT for starters.

EVERYBODY is "earning a living" and "exploiting opportunity".

The new hammer is often provided at a price point somewhere between cheap and free.

And it's new.

And yer good.

So you use it.

And, in good conscience and with the best of intentions... you even recommend others use it.

'Cause it's working for ya.

Then later, you have occasion to go back and use the old hammer, and ya think to yerself...

"Holy sh*t... this old hammer KILLS that new hammer, WTF was I THINKING?".


Issue a "product opinion retraction" press statement?

I'm thinking no.

No. Yer gonna go back to using the old hammer, or search for yet ANOTHER hammer... or SOMETHING.

But yer probably not going to go deep into public pronouncements of your HUMAN FALLIBILITY.

Just a thought or two on the practical outgrowths/outcomes of the intersections of skill, chance, opportunity, critical reasoning and human nature during the course of one's career in AE.

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