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I Think it is wrong to put out a plugin that claims to be EXACTLY like a hardware predecessor, but isn't, and at the same time overcharge for its purchase, simply because of the name association.

The elementary nature of the differences between hardware and software are going to guarantee a difference in performance. In fact, I'd go so far as to say there would even be a difference in performance between hardware units (vintage units in particular, due to aging) of the same make and model. The environments the units are/were located in, basic maintenance, amount of use, and even the cables used for I/Os are going to have an effect on the sound coming out of the unit, correct? Just as much as the difference in the same sound through two different sets of monitors.

This is all a preference thing. Those with maad experience with the original hardware are likely to have issues with the sounds of the virtual version of those units because they know what the real thing is supposed to sound like. Likewise, those with less experience are more likely to appreciate the digital replicas of the hardware units based simply on the modernity of the applications. There will be overlap of the opposite opinions, as well.

I Think taking offense to stuff said in here is crazy. In particular a thread such as this, which is OPINION based. Opinions are never wrong, just varied.