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I'm guessing that the Tascam 680 schematic is just plain wrong, because nobody with more than 2 brain cells would design something with limiters after the A/D. Or maybe I'm just too stupid to understand that it's brilliant putting limiters after the A/D.

Just looked at the R-44 schematic, and it lists the limiter after the A/D too. However, I have an R-44 and I know that this is not entirely true. For an R-44, the limiter is both before and after the A/D. The "Before" works by lowering the volume. The "After" works by increasing volume for make up gain. Maybe the Tascam works the same way. Anybody have knowledge of this?

R-44 schematic:

I looked at the Presonus Studio Live mixers and their schematics also show the limiter after the A/D. Anybody know if the Presonus works with a "Before" component as well?

Studio Live schematic:

Roland probably should have done a better job with their schematic. Hopefully, Tascam and Presonus fall into the same category. If not, then they should probably redesign their products so that the limiters prevent clipping the converters. Unless I'm missing something....