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ahahah that's one of the most silly and hilarious statement I ever heard!

The only one reason why you can find more thing for windows compared to OSX is because windows is 90% of the market and OSX 10%

About democracy and dictatorships..... man, OSX is a open software, meaning you can change it if you are able to program, Windows is an encrypted software, meaning you can't change anything of it because you can't see the code

If there is a democracy and a dictatorship it is exactly the opposite, windows is "you must" do thing as windows want, osx "you can" do things as osx tells you, but if you don't like you can change it, that's the only one that can be completely customized, that's why so many people do apps that are so flexible and so specifically designed to solve a problem, because they can adapt everything to their programming needs and tell to the computer to do what they want how they want