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I'm telling ya, I own the duende now, I owned the ssl fxg384 and the xrack comp and I still have my api 2500, drawmer 68, rnc and portico 5043 (will be soon be up for sale when the new portico II comes out).

The software compressor plugs (uad, waves, ssl) just don't sound as lively as high end hardware comps.

RiF said it: The hardware gives the mix more boldness, authority and adds something round and shiny to the high end. So the mix really sounds "better" and "larger" and "more exciting" with the hardware.

It's true man. Because of my job, I have to be on the road a lot, so I bought the UAD and Duende suites. I sold some hardware to finance it (can anyone really get ahead in NYC and have savings? haha) I thought, well, I can use these uad plugs instead of xrack comps and the duende mix bus comp instead of the g384. Didn't happen. I got the UAD fairchild compressor too. I've thought about buying the uad neve and ssl, but I'm waiting to see what I get out of the plugs that I did buy. I'm not in much, maybe $1400. But still .....
I always wait to bring the tracks back into the studio for a mixdown through my hardware to make it sound sweeter.

By the by, the fxg384 never damaged my low end. Sorry. I never pushed it harder than 2db on the mix bus, so maybe this is why. It's added an awesome mid range crunch that just sounds so amazing on anything with percussion and beats.

I sold the fxg384 not because I didn't like it, but because a) it was a a late edition fxg384 with aTHAT chip and thus I can replace it easily. b) I sold it for TWICE what I paid for it, which helped finance the uad and duende. c) I thought I could get close enough with the plugs