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Old 28th April 2011
I have Tube Tech CL1B (and softube version). The real TT sounds better and is much more transparent. You can have like 14 db of GR without bad artifacts.

I also have "high-end" SSL clone and I prefer The Glue (in oversampling mode) on my mix bus. Sometimes I put SSl after the Glue if I need this nice high freq roll off.

I use my Chilton console for summing purpose but I also love Slate VCC. Usually I combine Slate summing and Analog summing.

Hardware EQ are better for boosting. I love my A-design Hammer (always on my mix bus) and Chandler Germanium Tone Control (Bass, Kick Drum, Guitars).

Plug-ins I love are: Soundtoys (I use Decapitator all the time), Abbey Road TG Limiter, The Glue, Fg-X, Waves API, Softube.

I'm sure that one day I'll be 100% ITB.
Great Front end and Converters are essential.

Cheers !