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+1! It really won't matter WHAT you have. If you haven't MASTERED tweaking compressors and fine tuning a mix it won't matter at all. Once you do master it, it won't matter much. A or B, both are different, both are great, both are ****ty. Cheap hardware won't sound better than highend software and vice versa. Get both. Use both and learn the difference for yourself.
Bam! Agreed!

But but back to the YouTube a/b,the hardware la2a getting converted twice could've cut some of the top end off giving it a smoother boomers(bass) sound.

I hate thoughs test with average or below average simgers,I'd like a killer vocalist to be heard!

My point is,that vocalist will still blow me away,I'm not going around asking people was usher last album done itb.

If you have rich clients fine buy hardware but its a business and you can start all software and it will work all the same,again sorry but are the ad/dac's changing the sound? I personally don't see a need to spend 2,500 on that hardware from what I heard....