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You don't need an allen wrench to take the lid off, just a nice #1 philips screwdriver. (You don't really need that one, but I like them quite a bit.)

But I'll save you the time unless you want to look much closer.
Thanks Brad! I didn't realize that I didn't need to remove the faceplate until after I had already done it. It was a little tough getting the LED light pipes back in place

I was surprised to see the surface mount components, but the unit does sound really good. Its totally changed the way I'm using compression and eq. I find it really interesting how boosting 10db at 10k mixed in at 50% can sound completely different than just boosting half as much (if that makes sense to anyone). I don't know exactly why, but it sounds much more natural and usable when the dry signal is mixed back it. This goes for compression as well.