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yes Andrew, the Z8 has no fan.

you can sometimes pick up MCdisk-2 / spyrus Drives. but don't get the one that is only a reader. generally, they should work. I have a Dual SCSI CF card reader writer. addresses 2 SCSI channels and uses PCMCIA to CF card adapters.

though I have not found this needs to be used with a Z8 and also, I read in the manual that the SCSI on the Z8 is a little dangerous to use in fact. it's mentioned in the manual.

there is a removable slot behind the removable facer on a Z8, so you could put in a CF IDE interface mounted there and have a removable and silent system. it's pretty silent anyhow, if you have the right drive.

also the Z8 has a front mounted USB slot for either USB thumbdrives or USB CD writer readers.
probably any upstream addressable USB unit works in fact.. round the back theres a downstream USB for the computer interfacing.

but, this SCSI internal SCSI to IDE to CF trick, is a useful approach for other SCSI based systems too.. not just an Akai I would think ..