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Ya it is a very subtle thing...more visual on waveforms than audible sound degradation.

I also gotta wonder what my recordings were like before a U87 and a 1073/1084's dfegad. I spent years of my recording career wondering how all these great records were made. How come my recordings didn't sound like that? As I use a Mackie 32X8 and Behringer compressors with the Shure Beta green series mics . Now this is not a putdown for all those who use these pieces of gear cause I got many years of good recordings out of em' but I sure do have to do less work to make it sound good now. So how can you make great sounding records? I guess it takes alot of experience of making crap equipment sound good and a really high limit on your credit cards . Hey if I could have known that 10 years ago I would've been a gear slut a long time ago heh.