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hello stephane.
do you have put in comparision a first order ambi with harpex plug in to a 3 order ambi mics?
which mics have you put in comparison?
the harpex plug was put in a soundfield mic? which model?
Ciao fafalio,

I invite you to read the whitepapers on Harpex's site :

About harpex

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and start reading the first 2 the documents. You can also download the online examples in any format you want !

The only "real" comparison I made was between Harpex plug and Surroundzone plug : it's like night and day ! I HONESTLY didn't know that the SPS200 could product such great results !

The point with Harpex is that it strongly reminded of the Trinnov SRP in term of spatial resolution. Plus you have extensive controls, a binaural mode, a shotgun mode (yes, you can turn your Ambisonics microphone into a shotgun microphone !). The only drawback I can see is that it's really CPU hungry (but keep in mind it's still a beta).

Harpex is just a plug-in, if you have an ST350 you use it instead of SurroundZone, if you have an SPS200 (like me) you use it after the SurroundZone plug-in decoding only the A-Format in B-Format.