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Fake shure sm57

Allright. First things first - respect for the first post.
Now, after being a long-time lurker of information of this forum, i decided to add in also because i have bought two fake shure sm57's as well.

As i own a perfectly original shure sm58, and know that the sound of the sm58 and sm57 have to be very similar, i was flabbergasted to find that the two sm57 had a lack of proximity effect, sounded muddy in the lows and tinny in the top, empty mids. Also, the output was much lower. The handling of the mic sounded differently, too. For a gearslut like me, that was fishy. It took balls to start considering these might be fakes, cause I seriously didn't know they even could be.

Thank god i am a gearslut. I picked this up from marktplaats,... a dutch equivalent of ebay, in december 2010. Just so you know this **** is still prevalent and internationally spread. Anyway,... i stumbled across this thread and found it very respectable, and it got me into making an account. Here's some pictures of my experience for you guys to consider.... i hope you will be able to get your money back, like i will be, otherwise, you are in trouble.

edit: my fake mic weigh in at 210 grams. That is 74 grams less than it should be. edit 2: added picture.

this was my first post! Hooray. catch you on the flipside

Update: I got back my money. I warned him to not sell these anymore.
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FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0144.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0145.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0147.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0149.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0151.jpg  

FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0152.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0153.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0155.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0156.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0157.jpg  

FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0158.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0159.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0161.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0162.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0165.jpg  

FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0166.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0168.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0169.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0170.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0171.jpg  

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