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I'm pretty new to the recording world, but I've been intrigued on this topic: what are the issues/concerns that make plug ins difficult to emulate hardware, if at all?

I'm not trying to ask what sounds better, but I'm curious in some of the mechanics behind it and the challenges of getting a digital plug in to sound exactly like it's analog hardware counterpart. Some of the hurdles, things like that.

My tip is read the book "Mastering Audio the art and the science" by Bob Katz.

Over the years this book saved me many times working with plug ins.

You also can learn in this book why some plug ins are excellent and others just alright.

This book opened up my ears many times, at least today as well and saved me again from going crazy.

There is no magic tool or magic thing.
This book can teach you the know how, how to deal right with the plug ins and or hardware.

Sure you have to train it yourself and going thorough the up and downs as all self thought engineers.

A 100% great X-MAS GIFT!!