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But there is one thing that is for certain: If you are recording in anything other than an acoustically perfect custom-built studio room, recording amazing musicians playing top-flight instruments, the difference between a cheap, clean pre such as those on a Mackie/Presonus/DMP3 etc, and something costing 10 times as much will not be worth the investment.
I just brought home some demos from my jam space. The band has been treating the space for the last year, and the final push to do the ceilings and wall treatments (not just absorbers and bass traps) was night and day. Even my wife could tell. Even if it's just close micing.

I think if a person had $2000, instead of buying 2 expensive preamps, they'd be better off spending $500-$1000 on the acoustic treatment, and get one money channel or a couple FMR RNP's. Way bigger payoff.

However, when they get another $2K in their pocket, get the good stuff and appreciate how much better they are than your FMR's when you can tell the difference in your nice sounding space