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...but, I just got my first iPod for a B-day present and I like it for what it does. The earbuds actually sound better than I thought they would.

More interesting to me is that kids today are prefering the mp3 sound over the higher quality CD. They have become acclimated to it which sort of shows that it's not what's best, but what's most familiar that people will like. Lo-fi is in!

The Sizzling Sound of Music - O'Reilly Radar
I have to agree with this acclimated idea....this is another topic of interest for me....back in my day we used to listen to 45's on little record players, then we started buying LP albums and the turntable/cartridge race for quality was on!...Then 8 track and cassettes came out which were convenient but not that high quality and then CD's came out which took another quality step up and forward...and now were going back down again to MP3's because it's convenient!
Hilarious....whats the next step backwards?
People here argue over the slightest little nuance of converters or tubes or processing ITB OTB..............but nobodies listening!!
Total nonsense!.....why not give people marginal music and call it a could save yourself a lot of time and money...they won't know anyway or care! LOL