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Wavelab Essential 6 installation

Apologies if I missed an existing thread about this. I tried searching for it and had a hard time finding a definitive answer.

So I just bought Wavelab Essential 6. I don't have an internet connection on the computer I wish to use it in. I knew going into it that there would need to be some tricky business regarding activating the license using my internet-connected computer and then getting that onto my music computer, but then the program came today with no dongle because it uses this Soft-eLicenser thing, which threw me for a loop.

Steinberg's website seems to say definitively that one cannot possibly use the program on a computer without an internet connection because of this, since the activation code is created based on the computer that is connected to the internet. That strikes me as unbelievable, since I would imagine a lot of potential Wavelab users are in the same boat. Are they talking only about activation, or is it impossible to use another computer to activate the license and then move it to the proper computer? Can I do this by buying a dongle and activating the license on that?