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Re-capping A soundcraft spirit studio. Please help.

What capasitors should I buy to replace the stock ones? I opened it up and there are

On every channel strip:

The first 2 C1 & C2 are the big 47microf63V
There is a even bigger 100microf10v on c5
Most caps are 47microf 25v
and there is two tiny ones on c27 and c30
Those are 2.2 microf50v

They all have a minus sign for polarity so this should be fairly easy..

Also there are several square yellow ones.I am not sure if these are capasitors or not...

they read 10j63, 2n2j63, 100nj63, 1n0j63 ect.

You help is appreciated! What capacitors should I use to swap the stock jamicon ones on the spirit? Panasonic? What model/ value/ type? I am about to place an order. Thanks again!