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Originally Posted by mcmacguy View Post
i already responded with productive info on this guy's problem, if you'd bother to look back further. And if you think there's nothing wrong with trying to track drums in the same room with a loud set of drums, well, good luck to you too. Note that no pro studio in the world records that way.

As for the alleged headphone "problem" - the vast majority of us N8 and N12 have zero problems with the phone outputs, which means either you have a defective unit (unlikely) or you are doing something wrong.

Sorry if that isn't "nice", but if you can't handle the truth that's your problem.

Have a nice day

Well, first I am not here to argue or debate you on things. But since you are being persistant, I'll bite!

I am not going to weed back thru posts to see if you were informative to anyone... all I know is what you responded to my post. Then what you responded to the guy right after mine about tracking drums in the same room. It appears some folks are comfortable with the way the headphone amps operate in the N12. I don't and a few others agree. They suck! Am I doing something wrong? I know how to stick a f**king 1/4" phone plug into the mixer headphone jack! But most importantly, I know how to listen and compare. Or better said, I know what I don't hear. I've heard cheap stereos sound better. Once again, I am done with this issue. If you like the way they work in the N12... good for you!

And now I see a few more of your posts about tracking drums in the same room. What works for some people don't always work for others. I don't have a multi-room studio and have tracked acoustic drums in the same room as the complete setup. I've read and seen some of the best of them do it, nothing wrong with it. Compression and proper mic placement will do anyone some good!

But don't talk down to people in your posts... it shows signs of being an as s! I see you must be a Mac user too. I suppose you know that a Mac is better than a PC too! rotf...