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Old 20th April 2010
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been using oh about 3 years now on PC and MAC, never had a hitch.

great piece of kit, much better than the RME FF 800 i had in terms of sound and amount of stuff you get, drivers for me just as solid.

i am however now looking at the new R24 from A&H. THIS is what Yamaha should have brought us as the next step after the n12. i keep hoping for something like that

anyway, i do feel bad for those having issues but with the TI FW cards i have had in PC's and mac etc i just never had any troubles with the n12

and the one time it got flaky i did the cold reboot and it was fine
Hey Trock

I'd be wary of AHB products - the quality isn't up there with Yamaha's. I worked with one for years and when it worked it was great (kind of like Brit sports cars!). Loved the EQ. BUT... it had many problems since Day One, some never completely resolved. I certainly haven't missed it since getting the N12!