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Dude! do you have anything nice or productive to post? The guy said absolutely nothing about tracking drums in the same room. And what is wrong with doing that? He can use the mixer as a drum stool, if it works for him.

And he was commenting to MY post about the mixer headphone output being poor. Although you seem to be the only one that don't have an issue with that...
i already responded with productive info on this guy's problem, if you'd bother to look back further. And if you think there's nothing wrong with trying to track drums in the same room with a loud set of drums, well, good luck to you too. Note that no pro studio in the world records that way.

As for the alleged headphone "problem" - the vast majority of us N8 and N12 have zero problems with the phone outputs, which means either you have a defective unit (unlikely) or you are doing something wrong.

Sorry if that isn't "nice", but if you can't handle the truth that's your problem.

Have a nice day