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Old 20th April 2010
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Hi guys,

after i read pratically all this thread, i didn't find an answer. =(

Do the Yamaha N8 mixer works well with pro logic 8? Can i mix music deeply with it? Or should i buy an other mixer for pro logic 8? I don't have Cubase...

This mixer looks very cool, but i don't want it very limited because i use Logic 8...

Thank you very much!
Bear in mind this is not just a mixer it is a sound card and midi interface. I do use cubase and the integration is great. I personally like that you get the the full functions of the desk with cubase but it does not stop it being used with another DAW.

This is not a control surface though. The faders do not control the DAW and are not motorised. Even though digital it is like an analogue mixer. I think this is where most people get mistaken