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Hi guys,

after i read pratically all this thread, i didn't find an answer. =(

Do the Yamaha N8 mixer works well with pro logic 8? Can i mix music deeply with it? Or should i buy an other mixer for pro logic 8? I don't have Cubase...

This mixer looks very cool, but i don't want it very limited because i use Logic 8...

Thank you very much!
Hi Bio... I am unfamiliar with Pro Logic, so I can't answer that. But the mixer come with a special version of Cubase 4 AI. So you don't have to purchase Cubase unless you want the expensive full version. I personally don't use Cubase AI for anything anyway. I do not like the company and support. I use Reaper for all my tracking and mixing... and I master outside the mixer. But I must say after many years of garage band type recordings... this has got to be the best thing since peanut butter that is affordable for the amatuer and pro garage band type recordings. Not sure what you would call it... but I call it that. If you can get the chance... check out the N12 before buying. It is the first recording device I ever had that... when you track, your playback is what you recorded. Meaning these mic pre's are some of the best I heard and used. Many other firewire devices I have had... I would track, then have to edit the media file to get the sonics. Not with this! After I track, I just apply the plugins and believe it or not, turn it down... cause it is awesome! And I use the UAD-2 plugins. They are a must!