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Hi. I am not an expert of the N12 since I just got mine and I am in the learning stages myself. And I don't use Cubase either. But I would like to know what you mean by "hardware mix"? Are you referring to the live output from say the ST/OUT while in record mode? Not sure I follow you on that.
Hi, thanks for your reply. By hardware mix I mean: from page 37 of the manual

"In this Work mode, the output signal from each Cubase
audio track is individually input to each n8/n12 input
channel, then mixed and processed via the compressor
or equalizer.
When this mode is selected, signals from the DAW
(DAW inputs) will be sent to all the input channels, and
the DAW LED in the INPUT SELECT switch area will light

I've recorded my tracks without any reverb / compression and want to then send the tracks back to the Yamaha N12 (which is the beauty of the N12 - tracks can be mixed after recorded out of the box) but use an external compressor rather than in the in-built one.