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black belt, you can either set up sends to the mixer inputs etc, n12 1, n12 2.......

or you can select the output of the actual track to the mixer itself so you cannot hear in daw, but can hear in hardware mode.

make your tweaks, then set up your input channels in cubase and record back into cuabse, so your recording your hardware mix back into cubase, that could be individual channels or the whole group depending on what your recording.

you can even track the reverb to its own channel.
Thanks Wiseg! Just so I am 100% clear - as I would essentially be outputting the softsynths through the N12 and recording them back in to Cubase, this must mean I can also apply the n12's compressor (in additon to the reverb, which you mentioned), correct?

Do others use the N12 this way with their ITB softsynths? If so, have you heard an improvement in either your mix or the individual sounds of the softsynths?

Many thanks!