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I have a chance to buy a High end microphone. I have a friend who can sell me a Sony for about $4.5K with minimal usage.
However, I can get a brand new Ref C for under $2.5K.

I do Britney/Kesha/Neyo style modern pop. I have a 1073 as Pre and will get a Retro 176 comp soon.

I wanted to know if the $2K difference is justified, considering the vocal sound and what each would deliver.

My work is at Clarence Jey on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
The 1st two vocal sounds summarize what I do in terms of vocals. Maybe some RnB and Reggae in there, both male and female. Not Heavy Rock or anything like that.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.. ASAP please people!! thx!!! and sorry if I jacked the thread a little......
If you're buying off a friend, borrow it. Try it.
At the same time, contact a good dealer that has a good money-back guarantee or better yet a demo unit of the Ref. C and then test that as well.

Only you can tell if the price difference is worth it.