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Sorry, I forgot this thread even existed and I've been hording a couple of banks for a while now.
Made these just before I sold my Korg ER-1. They aren't properly cut up, unfortunately, but it isn't like it isn't hard to slice them down to size.
Did these up last night using the Kraftzwerg to synthesize drums and such from scratch. I did cut out the silences on these and normalized, however it should be noted that on a couple of these I ran the input on the MPC just a teensy bit too hot, so a couple of the samples distort a tiny bit (though it's actually a nice effect on the kicks.)
MFB 522. There's not much here as I was sampling these so that I could experiment with different processing methods.
These are all of the drum sounds from the Roland MC-09. There's a few repeats in here because the kits are made up from a small pool of samples and I was just flying through getting all of the kits sampled. I don't think I've chopped these up either.
Inspired by Wave Alchemy's collection, here's a small selection of Future Retro XS drums. Not nearly as varied as the Wave Alchemy set, but still a good demonstration for myself as to the capabilities of this unit.

Hope you guys enjoy my little creations here.

And in case you missed my other sample packs or don't feel like reading back through this thread to find them: