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First of allhehHi everybody here ...I hope that i'll get some useful suggestion about my little problem : I'm using a MOTU 828 mk3 Interface that is my main "music production" device and also my live mixer: I use Ableton Live on stage; it runs with a MacBook pro Intel and i also connect some analog synthesizers and the singer's mic to the MOTU, using its REV, EQ 6 Compressor features ... So everything (Synths, main voice and Ableton Live sounds) comes from MOTU's Main outs ... IN studio i'll use Logic 9 running in Intel iMac ... I'd like to improve the quality (converters, pre-amp) of my interface, in order to produce professional stuff and not only some "good demos" At the same time, i'd like to keep the chance of using my audio interface as a Live mixer ... That's why i'm thinking about Metrc Halos' interfaces (with their DSP fxs and MIO features)... Mobile 2882 expanded would be great BUT, as i read here, its pre-amp aren't good ... (???) It seems that ULN-2 (expanded, of course!) HAS very good and pro Pre-amp BUT i need more Inputs for my synths on stage ... I can't afford an ULN-8 (it would be GREAT!) so ...What do You think about using ADAT I/O connecting an OCTOPRE to the ULN-2 ? This way, i'll have all the inputs i need for my synths (and some decent pre-amp, why not ?) And i could use ULN-2 mic input for the lead singer Metric Halo's fxs amd MIO console would be also available for the keyboards connected via ADAT, am i right ? is it a weird idea or should it work ? Someone suggested me An Apogee Ensemble but it lacks DSP fxs for live purposes ... Some other people told me about presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 ... it looks good but i'd like to be "as light as possible" on stage, considering that i have to bring my old analog synths ... So can You ples give me some good advice ? Thank You in Advance
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repost with actual sentences, grammatical structure, and some level of coherency, and i will do my best to give you the answers you seek.

i honestly have no idea what your talking about, and i dont want to re-read your rambling post over and over to decipher it.

sorry, im only trying to help.