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But somehow Brian Mcknight sold millions of his LPs using that terribly bright mic. I love his vocal sound. BRIGH!!! AIRY!!! oh yea!!! . A very unique sound that I have appreciated. No better mic for that guy's voice.
I track most of the vocals I record with the Sony C800G + Neve 1073 and it's special quality always shines through.

Stating that a mic is bright doesn't tell much about it.

If you don't want bright, just EQ it. However, the main reason why the Sony is such a great mic is that it's sound is very "treatable" and plays together nicely with many of the tools we use today to have a vocal sit right in the mix. It has a great dynamic and "resolution" that will shine through even a long signal chain in the mix.

Whenever I have A/B'd the Sony with other mics, it felt like the Sony was "24bit" while most other mics are "16bit". If you know what I mean...