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Old 5th February 2010
I could be wrong but maybe dual path refers to when the inline monitor is more complete, for instance On a D&R Cinemix or an Otari Concept One, essentially both paths have identical eq and either could send to a buss. On the Concept One what the paths share are the aux sends which are in pairs and can only be assigned to a path in pairs, for instance if the mix path uses aux 1+2 the channel path cannot, but can use what isn't being used by the mix path.
Whereas on a regular inline console the small fader path doesn't have it's own full eq usually it's a 2 or 3 band eq.
But like I said I could be wrong, I looked at the Primal Gear Site and that doesn't look like it's the case with the Mozart, I think that console was Cryptic Globe's I seem to recall that the small fader wasn't automated