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Another example of all me with a decent drummer and my wife's vocals on top.

This started as a MIDI creation because I figured out how to play it on KYBDs.
I then dumped it to 2" analog and because my studio partner was drummer and we were paying this in a band I had him track drums over it.
For some crazy reason he played it as a shuffle beat.
The original version and the MIDI version were played straight.

Because he played the cut as a shuffle I had to adjust everything by playing GTRs and bass as a shuffle.
Because the KYBDS are mostly pads they were able to stay as they were tracked in MIDI.

This sat around on a 2" analog tape for a few months until one night my wife was at the studio and I asked her to put a vocal on this.
She did this in one take and OWNED the thing (she can do that.)

At some point I re-rtracked the bass and added two clean rhythm GTRs that are panned hard L and R.
The distorted GTRs are from the original version as is the solo GTR.
I have always liked the solo in the middle although I stumbled a bit on one line.
I just couldn't erase this version of the solo.

This is a mix I pulled as an ITB experiment a few months back.
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