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what if you don't know what sounds good?

everybody thinks tHEY knows what sounds good, but maybe we would all be better off with somebody else's settings like someone who knows what sounds good in da pop markit.

1 bet most ov youh don't gate the attack of your filters and link it to the compression as well to get the top-40 britney spearsz tightness in your sound, so do you really know what you're doing?

IF anyone DOES Know what sounds good: what is your standard eq setting for deep-tenor male vocal that you start out with before you begin adjusting?

there has to be a standard settings because you don't even eq that much to begin with, it's used in a very subtle way to enhance certain elements, unless you're doing a notch filter or something via eq but then you're better off with a filter anyway, basically when you use an eq to that extreme it becomes a filter, i'm talking about basic eq standard settings for a male vocals in the deep tenor range?

it's not my voice so I don't know what to set it, so hlep out you stingy christmas barstards!

buncha scrooge mcducks

Bro this is hard to do...It took me forever to find a setting that I just gotta play with it and remember to cut lows to make it sound clearer, too much and it will sound hella weird, but you'll be able to know when that has happen...I boost my highs to make it brighter...but not by a whole lot...I like my vocals to sound as natural as possible, then I make them sound like they are on fire or (hot) talk out loud, or have someone else do that and try to match that and make it your starting point...I have tons of problems with eq...but if ur source is correct, it will make ur eqing a whole lot easier as well...but assuming that you dont have all the tools to do that just yet, then follow those lil tips...they worked for me...