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I managed to record some demos of the IRs. I made them using Samplitude and SIR2.. The vocal track is a bit noisy (too loud headphones), but it was the only usable vocal recording I had at hand.

Once again I realized how wonderful the RMX16 sounds
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Snare_Clean.mp3 (472.1 KB, 5512 views)

Snare_Ambience_1,3s.mp3 (495.5 KB, 5600 views)

Snare_Nonlin2.mp3 (480.2 KB, 5411 views)

Snare_Reverse_mono.mp3 (480.2 KB, 4713 views)

Snare_Room_A1_2s.mp3 (495.5 KB, 4678 views)

Vocals_clean.mp3 (474.1 KB, 4361 views)

Vocals_Ambience_3,9s.mp3 (621.0 KB, 4629 views)

Vocals_Hall_C1_4,2s.mp3 (621.0 KB, 4605 views)

Vocals_Plate_4,1s.mp3 (669.0 KB, 4844 views)