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Originally Posted by owen_vallis
I want to start recording in my small apartment, but the rooms sound like poop!!! Lots of bare walls and wierd modes (I'm a student so furniture is a luxury.) Aside from foam, what are some home made solutions. I usually pull my bed comforter in to service, and throw some pillows around the room.

I'd love to hear everyone else's ideas.

I bought a load of 4" semi-rigid fiberglass, then I made a load of wooden frames with 4" x 1" rough wood to fit the panels.

Then I got some nice material and stretched/stapled it to the wood to hold the fiberglass in.

Make sure the material isn't too thick or thin, you should be able to breathe easily through it whith it stretched over your mouth, but not able to make out the fiberglass underneath.

Works great, you don't need to cover that much unless you want a very dead sounding room.

Treat any 90degree angles in the room and the reflections points between your monitors/mics and your ears/source etc. But leave enough to use as gobos around drumkits etc.

Good luck !