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Originally Posted by Fletcher
For "pop" vocals we would hire out our room for about $1,000/hr. 5 hour minimum, includes qualified assistant... but our room is private so we don't care if we get bookings or not [in fact, we would prefer not to get booked for **** like that... but who could turn down a grand an hour?].
That is our Studio E rate without assistant. PM me if you need one. If you take one full day, you are entitled to have a quick look at out Studio B sessions 36,000 $/day for two minutes. If you want to hire studio A, you will have to pay in Saoudia Arabic Oil companies (51% shares minimum to make the phone call to our booking management).

The rates includes professional hookers blowing your manhood during takes.

Two month booking, and I fly you outta space from Russian federation Spaceship.

As my guest.

Don't look any further, waste of time.