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Reviving old song


Attached are 2 scratch tracks of a song called Small Town Romance. I originally recorded the song in 1994 on an old Tascam 4 track and want to "redo" it and update it a bit. With the 2 new versions of the song posted, I have questions about what direction I should go and looking for some feedback.

STR2009 is pretty stock a lot like how I originally recorded it on the 4 track, except I am playing it a few steps down in tuning.

STR2009up1 is played up a step tuning than STR2009 and I incorporated a melodic idea for the intro riff that is repeated during the song.

My questions are:

1. Does my voice "feel" better tuned up verses the STR2009?
2. Also, my 4 track limited my on layering the song, now in the digital world I have the ability to "add" to it but do not want to abuse it. I fear the simple stock version may be better and I am overdoing it with adding the melodic part to the song???
3. Overall feel of the song...what do you think.

Thanks for any input.

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