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The trouble with the Ultimate Modular is that unless you build the modules yourself and are an electronics wizard, $50,000 isn't going to be anywhere near enough money to claim the title. You would need some very expensive modules in order to make it The King: Bode shifters, sequencers, filterbanks, thru-zero oscillators, waveshapers, a small city of differentiated AND duplicate filters, unusual VCA's and VCO's.
Good luck topping Hans Zimmer or T.O.N.T.O. w/ less than a half million greenbacks. That would be quite a feat there!

as i said earlier i think adding some modular synths to an already functioning music lab is a worthy thing (even some nord modulars or as said NL2X's) but "building the best biggest modular synth ever" just seems kind of arbitrary.. i don't see it gaining anything for your school but momentary prestige on matrixsynth and the envy of a handful of people who even know what a modular synth is...

also, i think "biggest" doesn't have anything to do with "best". just look at a decent buchla or well appointed euro rack system or modcan or serge...

plenty of people have a good head start on you.

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