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I was informed that my name was mentioned. Dropping by to respond.

1) Correct: I do dislike you, though not "deeply."

2) Correct: The capsule is a CK12 clone, made by Haun, used only in Bock mics and the CS1.

3) Incorrect: Capsule and grill only partially determine the sound, in the absence of filters. The circuit design, tube and transformer make up a huge portion of the sound. In the CS1, the transformer is a unique design, and it is a huge part of the sound. It in no way resembles the T14/1, which is one reason that it sounds very different than the C12, particularly below 1kHz on down.

Secondly, the tube sounds different than a 6072.

Lastly, the circuit is very different. The C12 take the current off the capsule, through a 1,000pF coupling cap to the grid, with a force biased cathode. IIRC, there's a feedback loop off the plate. Might be wrong about that, though. The CS1 comes off the capsule, no coupling cap, to grid, with a self biasing cathode. The CS1 circuit actually resembles the U47 more than the C12, actually, with the self biasing cathode like the 251 being the only difference.

The C12 we tested it against had a more forward top end. Much brighter. And the difference in low end was like the difference between a SM57 and a M88. The mics could not have sounded more dissimilar.