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Where have you seen David Bock, Terry Manning or Oliver Archut say the capule used in the CS-1 is a CK12 Clone?
Back on topic,
the capsule used is as far as I am informed "the" MBHO capsule that is a specially tuned version (to David Bock´s wishes) only available to very few selected manufacturers - Mr. Bock has a say who can buy it (or not) afaik. It is the capsule that he uses and used in his ELUX and Bock 251 and 151 mics which are his take on the ELAM251 sound (which uses tadaaa....a CK12 capsule). David Bock calls it his "CK12 type capsule" on his website. In addition, JJ Blair (he is not doing me a favour, he deeply dislikes me) called it the most accurate CK12 copy to date, people like Andreas Grosser share this opinion. The capsule shares the typical characteristics of original CK12 capsules like boosted highs, slightly mellowed mids and a boosted ,full sounding bass.

Based on these pieces of information (unless I was given wrong information) I guess it is pretty ok to call this capsule a CK12 clone, and no, it is no reason to bring on a ton of accusations against someone who does so.

And yes, the product description of the lucas CS1 states about 20 times that the mic (!) is not a clone but a "best of" of the classsic mics and some innovation. That does not change the fact that the capsule (and grill) determines the character of any mic more than anything else (if no filters are used as in the CS1) hence my conclusion that the sound of the CS1 is in the family of CK12 equipped microphones - and the clips we can hear prove that imho. To me and a bunch of others it sounds like a variation of the C12 sound, period.

And again, I wrote multiple times that the CS1 seems to be a great sounding mic. Any silly efforts to portrait me as someone with an agenda against the product or the manufacturer is simply way off. All this "you´re either with us or against us!" sh*t is pretty immature (not directed at you Spacey).