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Originally Posted by WildCowboys View Post
I do not get offended by people I cannot respect, sorry pal.
And here you go again thinking you are in a position to tell others when to stop posting...I feel sorry for you, you really should get your own forums
Actually, your experiments have backfired. By eq'ing an 87 into something it can't do, you have made it sound slow, coarse, harsh, 2D and unmusical. The CS-1 sounds absolutely magical by comparison.

I'm not telling you not to post, but if you continue, I will tell you that you're making a fool of yourself. When I suggest leaving the stage, what that means is, "When you're in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging."

We can start by reminding you that Terry, Oliver, David and Jeff have all brought products to market that are recognized for their excellence.

Ten minutes on the Lucas website should make it clear to you that they are not interested in making a clone. Your repeated dismissal of the CS-1 as a clone indicates you are a) malicious, b) illiterate, or c) both.

If you think that patronizing and condescending to these illustrious gentlemen brings the slightest glory to you, you have failed abysmally.

For that reason alone, you should give it a rest. You don't understand mic design, your eq experiments have come up with a truly ugly sound, and your attitude is repellent.

If you think you can assert your own superiority by trashing others with proven track records in developing superlative products, you're delusional, you're wasting your time.

Don't squawk when others call you out on this, your charm and intellect have both been tried and found insufficient. Only your ego is robust, and it's betraying you.

Post away, but don't ever expect to be congratulated for it.