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Relax, people. WildCowboys' experiments don't change what the microphone is or isn't. At best, it's an opportunity to consider what you're really getting from a high end microphone, and at worst it dilutes the discussion with subject matter that's better suited for a thread about mic modeling. Does that really warrant all the personal attacks?

In any case, I found it interesting to listen to. I'm still a happy Lucas customer!
Exactly. My eqed files do not change anything, they just give another perspective to build an opinion. It is pretty sad tha GS has become a place where simply giving another perspective without even making a judgement is enough for some to jump on your back and start fighting.
Sounds familiar RoundBadge heh? Still pissed that I dared to say a mic with a CK12 clone capsule sounds similar to a C12? So be it